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Boeing 737-200 for Sale

Boeing 737-200 for Sale by Sriwijaya Air, Indonesia

Private airline owned by businessman Chandra Lie, Sriwijaya Air, Indonesia, will likely retire older Boeing 737-200 aircraft as part of the modernization his fleet. Currently the company still has four Boeing 737-200 aircrafts.

According to the plan, Sriwijaya Air will sell four aircraft a price of USD 750,000 per unit. Not only that, Sriwijaya Air promised to give 737-200 simulator as a bonus if the airline wants to bought at once four Boeing 737-200 aircrafts.

Instead, Sriwijaya Air will bring nine Boeing 737-800 aircraft to update its fleet. Of nine, five aircrafts will be purchased on cash, while the other, four aircrafts will be brought in by way of lease.