New Program for Conserve the Fuel by Ryanair

New program for Conserve the Fuel by Ryanair, instruction for his pilot to Reduce Aircraft Speed

The biggest low-cost airlines in Europe from Ireland, Ryanair, have to find a way to save expenditure for the company. On this time the airline have instruction for the pilot to slow the speed of the aircraft for the reasons of saving fuel oil consumed on each flight.

According to The Express, by reducing the speed of the aircraft, will be flying slower about two minutes for every one hour flight. "We fly more slowly, but burn less the fuel," said Howard Millar, Ryanair deputy CEO.

As low-cost airlines, Ryanair is constantly looking for ways to continue to save expenses. In fact, which the airline is often times tend to be controversial. Previously, Ryanair reduces toilet on board aircraft to ease the burden, so it will be more fuel efficient. Not only that, passengers have to pay money to be able to use a toilet that is in the Ryanair plane.

In addition, the company also implemented additional costs for passengers who want to choose a seat, came to the airport with no check-in in advance online, as well as costs for food and drinks.
Photo by Kurt Greul