ILFC signs for up to 100 Embraer E2s

The International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) is an aircraft lessor headquartered in the Constellation Place in Century City, Los Angeles, California, has announced a firm order for 50 second generation E2s, comprising 25 E190-E2s and 25 E195-E2s, estimated value of US$2.85 billion at current list prices.

These order will boosting sale of Embraer’s range of new E-jets. Options for a further 25 E190-E2s and 25 E195-E2s potentially brings the total order to up to 100 aircraft.

The E2 – have improved technology than previous generations E175, E190 and E195 jets – incorporates new engines, advanced wing design, and full fly-by-wire flight controls that the manufacturer says will result in more efficient fuel “double-digit improvements in fuel burn, maintenance costs, emissions, and external noise”. The first E2s are expected to enter service during 2018.

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Embraer launches the second generation of E-Jets

Embraer has formally announced the launch of the second generation of its E-Jets family of commercial aircraft, They call E-Jets E2

The second generation of Embraer E-Jets E2:
E175-E2 seat up to 88 passengers
E190-E2 seat up to 106 passengers
E195-E2 seat up to 132 passengers

E190-E2 is expected to enter service in the first half of 2018 with the other models following from 2019.

“The launch of the E2 builds on our vision to offer leading-edge commercial jets with a capacity right-sized for 70 to 130 seats, seamless mainline comfort, and performance for flexible and efficient utilisation by regional, low-cost, and network carriers.” Embraer CEO Frederico Fleury Curado said.