Mexicana stewardesses bikini calendar published to raise funds

Ten women surcharge Mexicana airline, which flies from August for not being on the verge of bankruptcy, had a calendar in bikini posing launch next week, with seeking to make money, sources close to the workers.

The secretary general of the Association of Flight Attendants (ASSA), Lizette Clavel, confirmed the initiative but said workers is voluntary and that the 10 attendants have made willingly.

The photograph session that left the images for the calendar, titled Mexican Flight Attendants. Raising the flight at the airport was a flight school.

In principle, from November 25 3,000 calendars will be launched in 2011 at a price of 149 pesos ($ 12) with proceeds going to the women who come in suggestive poses with little clothing and smiling.

Part of the revenue generated will be shared with union partners to help them sell the calendars, Clavel said.

The ASSA representative said the initiative is "independent of the union" and considers it "perfectly logical" at a time when no pilot or purser ground worker has claimed his salary for four months.

Clavel considered valid even showed initiative reservations as from ASSA have struggled for years to not have a "sexist view of the work" of the overcharges.

He clarified that the term "surcharge" is the Mexican union organization preferred for women versus those of "hosts and hostesses" not give rise to sexist puns front of some passengers.

Carnation recalled that the launch of calendars with scantily clad women, something they have done in the past-some airlines, it is a practice which is strongly agree, because studies by the International Federation of Transport have shown that can increase the "incidents" sexual cutting between attendants and passengers.

The noblest aspect of the initiative, according to spokesman ASSA, is that the protagonists of the calendar "are looking to live on", like thousands of other workers, and if so have turned to modeling shoot.

Finally, Clavel said this weekend's three unions Mexicana Airlines ground workers, pilots and flight attendants will meet to discuss the option of PC Capital investment group, chosen by the conciliator and Mexicana Airlines manager as possible new investor in the company, compared to other two options were discarded.

If realized finally that option, "extremely painful for workers" but that "meets the standards of well structured business plan," said Clavel, Mexicana may fly again in mid-December.