New cabin product from Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines introduces a new cabin product for its long haul flights

Happy for all passengers on Austrian’s long-haul flights, from now get have ready be trying to feel benefit from the advantages of its new cabin from this airline.

Upgrade service for all class.
New an advanced board entertainment system offering non-stop entertainment for all class.
Economy Class, a new level of seating more comfort.
Business Class, New innovative seats capable of being transformed into entirely flat beds.

Austrian’s long-haul fleet, the four Boeing 777 and six Boeing 767 airplanes already installed new seats have a total of 2,538 seats.

The reconfiguration of the cabins has considerably boosted customer satisfaction, which has risen substantial 31 percentage points – among passengers on long-haul flights – since the launch of the new cabin. This result places Austrian Airlines among the peak of the evaluations received by the airlines comprising the world-spanning Star Alliance.

Business Class Cabin
Business Class

Economy Class Cabin
Economy Class


Photo by superjumbo and Austrian Airlines