First New ATR 72-600 for Kalstar Aviation

Add Fleet, Kalstar Aviation Operate ATR 72-600

Airlines have much operate on the Borneo region, Kalstar Aviation, Indonesia, adding The ATR 72-600 aircraft on his new fleet. With the addition of this fleet, the airlines will increase frequency flights to serve routes in Kalimantan, so that will make it easier for customers who will traveling to this area.

This a first ATR 72-600 for Kalstar, this aircraft have capacity 72 passengers. "We hope, add more capacity could be facilitate accommodation on inter-city air in Borneo," Chief Executive Officer Kalstar, Andi Masyhur said.

Based on the company's plans, Kalstar have booked 5 ATR 72-600s, and will be delivered in stages until 2014.

Kalstar Aviation have permission fly to 95 domestic routes and 25 international routes. However, currently Kalstar just utilize 15 percent of the total route is permitted.