One Boeing 737-700 and two ATR 72-600s for Jettime

One new Boeing 737-700 and two new ATR 72-600s will leased to Jettime, Copenhagen Denmark by ALC (Air Lease Corporation) Los Angeles US. Scheduled for delivery in November 2013 for a Boeing 737-700, and two new ATR 72-600s scheduled for delivery in April and May 2014.

The ATR 72-600 will be a new type for the charter airline.

Jettime is a Danish airline based in Copenhagen Airport. It operates contract and ad-hoc passenger and freight charters throughout Europe and short notice wet-lease charters for scheduled airlines (Air Greenland, Blue1, SAS, Norwegian Air Shuttle, etc.) It also provides VIP charters for clients including VW, Mercedes-Benz, FC Copenhagen, Rosenborg BK and Malmö FF. The airline was founded by a group of Danish investors and operated its first flight on 19 September 2006.

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First New ATR 72-600 for Kalstar Aviation

Add Fleet, Kalstar Aviation Operate ATR 72-600

Airlines have much operate on the Borneo region, Kalstar Aviation, Indonesia, adding The ATR 72-600 aircraft on his new fleet. With the addition of this fleet, the airlines will increase frequency flights to serve routes in Kalimantan, so that will make it easier for customers who will traveling to this area.

This a first ATR 72-600 for Kalstar, this aircraft have capacity 72 passengers. "We hope, add more capacity could be facilitate accommodation on inter-city air in Borneo," Chief Executive Officer Kalstar, Andi Masyhur said.

Based on the company's plans, Kalstar have booked 5 ATR 72-600s, and will be delivered in stages until 2014.

Kalstar Aviation have permission fly to 95 domestic routes and 25 international routes. However, currently Kalstar just utilize 15 percent of the total route is permitted.

First New ATR 72-600 for FireFly

Malaysia Airlines subsidiary Firefly today July 5, 2013, took delivery of the first of up to 36 new ATR 72-600 turboprops. The Malaysia Airlines subsidiary will use the aircraft to augment service frequencies on routes to key Malaysian domestic destinations Subang, Penang, Kota Bahru and Johor Bahru. It will also be able to offer more routes and service frequencies to regional international business destinations in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle.

ATR aircraft flooded by orders at Paris Air Show 2013

ATR-600 series

ATR-600 series aircraft flooded by orders at Paris Air Show 2013

Flood aircraft orders during the exhibition Paris Air Show aviation industry is not only applicable to large manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing. ATR, a company that produces special turboprop aircraft are also getting quite a lot of orders.

On the second day of the Paris Air Show on Tuesday (06/18/2013), ATR had orders for 90 units of ATR -600 series aircraft by leasing company based in Denmark, Nordic Aviation Capital. Of these, 35 of which are firm orders (30's for ATR 72-600 and 5's for ATR 42-600), while the rest are optional. The value of the deal between the two companies is expected to reach U.S. $ 2.1 billion.

Nordic Aviation Capital has had the largest ATR fleet in the world, with more than 100 aircraft. With the additional 35 firm orders, in 2016 ATR fleet owned by Nordic will increase to 150 aircraft.

ATR-made plane reservations also come from other leasing companies. HGI Aircraft Division agreed with ATR to purchase 20's ATR 72-600 aircraft, where the aircraft will be operated by Brazilian airline, Linhas Aéreas Passaredo. The deal happened on the third day of the Paris Air Show on Wednesday (19/06/2013). Of these, 10 are firm orders for the aircraft, while the other 10 are an additional purchase option. Value of the contract between ATR and HGI's Aircraft Division at U.S. $ 482 million.

Thus, during the Paris Air Show, which begins on June 17, ATR has won orders for 110 planes coming from two different leasing companies.

On the same occasion, also submit ATR ATR 72-600 for the first Latin American airline, Avianca. Avianca has ordered 15 ATR 72-600 aircraft at the end of 2012 with an option to purchase an additional 15 aircraft. Value of the agreement between ATR and Avianca is estimated at U.S. $ 700 million.

ATR is a manufacturer of regional aircraft, particularly in the world's biggest turboprop. ATR is also still in one parent with Airbus, which is under the auspices of EADS. To date, ATR has sold more than 1,200 aircraft operated by 182 operators in 90 countries.