Qatar Airways Joins OneWorld on October 2013

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Joins OneWorld Soon on October 2013

Qatar Airways will to join the world airline alliance, OneWorld, October on this year, as it is written by the Business Traveller. This plan sooner than previously thought which says that Qatar Airways will join officially in March 2014. But the rumors is Qatar Airways will be join on December on this year.

However, sources from Qatar Airways senior official at the Paris Air Show said that Qatar Airways has confirmed that it will be officially entered as a member of OneWorld in October. To become a member of OneWorld, Qatar Airways get sponsorship and support from British Airways.

Qatar Airways will be second the airline of the Middle East to join the OneWorld after Royal Jordanian who first entered as a member.

Qatar Airways currently has a route network serving 120 destinations spread on 70 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. 15 Destinations and the three countries of which later would become new destinations for OneWorld. The countries does not include on OneWorld destinations is Iran, Rwanda and Seychelles.