Airbus Outstrip Boeing at Paris Air Show

Airbus recently first flew for latest product the A350. Airbus outperformed his main rival Boeing in the first day largest airshow world in Paris, France. Aircraft manufacturer origin of Europe such reportedly successfully accept plane reservations valued at U.S. $ 18.3 billion, far in above Boeing which only get orders amounted to U.S. $ 6.1 billion.

Largest transaction Airbus come from Doric group financial who ordering 20 giant plane two level A380 super mambo jambo. Exhibition aerospace in Le Bourget, Paris, followed by 2,200 companies from 144 the state. It is estimated will be attended 350,000 visitors.

Battle of 787 vs A350
Airbus itself currently focus on market of his newest plane A350, who had just underwent fly inaugural in France, June 14 ago.

A350 this could bring 440 passengers and become main competitor Boeing 787 Dreamliner because regarded as efficient planes fuel.

Airbus said the flight inaugural A350 running on success.

Airbus says from the angle of the pilot's view, the operation this aircraft equal same other's Airbus plane, which became value of selling because airline did not need to anymore train the flight crew for fly it.

While, Boeing at this time have moved on from technical problems who had time to experienced by Dreamliner a result of problem battery which cause the all his plane landed is.

Aircraft leasing company GECAS is called has booked ten 787 Dreamliner in the exhibition at Paris this.

Chief executive Boeing Ray Conner said: I a sense we have products a better, in the end hopefully the best products which wins.

Prime Perform Airbus A350 Flight on June 14

Prime Perform Airbus A350 XWB Flight on June 14

Airbus, European aircraft manufacturers, will perform for first time Airbus A350 XWB on Friday, June 14, 2013. We know A350 XWB its latest flagship from Airbus. This Europe's first jetliner made ​​with carbon-composite, developed an approximate cost of USD 15 million. And this ​​aircraft is designed to compete directly or head to head with 787 Dreamliner from Boeing ,US.

Airbus target for this aircraft will get a value USD 1 trillion in the next few years. A350 scheduled inaugural flight on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 10:00 am from Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France.

A350 XWB is a medium-sized aircraft for long-haul flights. The aircraft has three versions with capacities between 270 to 350 passengers if configured in three classes. A350 offers better efficiency than aircraft in the same category at this time, use 25 percent more fuel-saving and reducing CO2 emissions by the same amount. A350 has 613 units already ordered by many airline spread on 33 countries.

images by Airbus